Top 10 Reasons why you aren’t achieving your goals and how to break the cycle and Start CRUSHING IT!

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I want to keep blog as simple and straight to the point as possible.  Whether you achieve your goals or not is 100% because of you. This is a fact.  Trust me, this is a mindset I have adopted throughout the years and in doing so I have been able to accomplish much more.  You have to identify where your weaknesses and what you need to start taking ownership in your life. 

  1. Problem: Approval seeking. 

Solution:  WHAT DO YOU WANT, instead of WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  1. Problem: Negative self talk.

Solution: Be your biggest fan.

  1. Problem: Comparison to other people.

Solution:  Create your lane

  1. Problem: Focus on the things you aren’t good at.

Solution: Ask people around you what your strengths are and the value you bring to their life.

  1. Problem: Too Much Complaining

Solution:  Write down all of the great things you have in your life.

  1. Problem: Lack of knowledge vs. lack of enthusiasm

Solution: Be in control of your attitude and effort.  That trumps everything!

  1. Problem: You don’t have a plan

Solution:  Seinfeld strategy “Don’t break the chain” Daily deposits

  1. Problem: Low AQ. Don’t have any toughness. Quit when it gets tough.  

Solution:  The Job isn’t done until the job gets done. Finish your project no matter how hard it is!

  1. Problem: Not all success is created to equal

Solution: What is success to you?  That may not be the same as what other people want in their life.  Einstein said it best  “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life thinking it is stupid.”  

  1. Problem: Lack of daily motivation.

Solution: Set yourself up for success the day before. Motivation is an inside job.