Ten-Minute Torture Episode 4 with Marianne Feldman

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This is a special Ten-Minute torture episode for me getting coached by former client and now colleague Marianne Feldman.  The reason this is such a special episode for me is because 10 years ago Marianne used to be my client.

I won’t say her age, but it is amazing how she continues to get stronger and more vibrant as she gets older.  She is the epitome of long-term sustainable health and taking care of her body.   Throughout the time I have known her, she is probably the only person in my life who I have ever met who doesn’t complain. I know this may seem crazy to even think, but she is the type of person who just takes care of business.

I now workout with her two times a week as my training partner for the last 7 years.  There are people you coach in your career who actually make you a better coach.  Marianne is one of those people! She forced me to be a better coach and leader by pushing her more as she continued to get better and better as an athlete.  I am grateful for her, as I don’t know that I would have become the type of coach I am without having a client like her.

After years of training her, I fired her as a client.  I did this because I wanted her to work with me when I opened up FNS Training Center.  When you see leadership qualities in someone and someone who practices what they preach, you do whatever it takes to work with them.  Now that we have been working together for 7 years, I am so proud and honored to be coached by her and with her daily. 

As expected she brought the pain, and kicked my butt!