Ten-Minute Torture Episode 3 With Koko Kotani

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I can’t say enough amazing things about working with coach Koko at FNS Training Center.  She is hands down one of the best coaches not just that I have ever worked with, but in the INDUSTRY!  You won’t see her much on social media, but she is one of the best in the business.  I know after having worked with thousands of fitness professionals around the world.

Coach Koko and I have a constant smack talking battle between the two of us.  We both respond best to this type of banter.  As much as we talk smack, there is nothing more than we want for each other than to see each other win! We compete together to elevate each other!  That is what having a super hero squad is all about, you challenge each other to grow!

In this 10 Minute Torture session, she lays the hammer on me.  In typical Coach Koko fashion, she is relentless!  This was a max effort each station for the 10 minutes.  When it comes to results, coach Koko is an EXPERT! I am grateful to train and work with her everyday!

Enjoy me getting crushed!