RISE UP RETREATS for Fitness Professionals 3.5 Day Mentorship January 18-21, 2018

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My Fellow Fitness Professional,

I want to say thank you if you are reading this right now.  The very fact that you are here taking the time to search for areas of improvement in your personal life and business is the sign of a great leader.  A leader, I hope to meet, connect with and serve.  And if you are in the health and wellness industry I know that you want to create more impact for others as well.  I know how demanding this profession can be from an energy, education and efficiency standpoint to create a sustainable career.  It crushes to know the alarming statistic that most fit pro’s only last 3-5 year in this industry.  It saddens me to have witnessed this because is has nothing to do with lack of passion with most trainers and coaches. 

The problem is most fitness professionals haven’t be taught the most important parts to not just having a thriving business, but having the sustained energy to enjoy their craft day after day, month after month and year after year. 

I know what it’s like to constantly be trading time for dollars.  There is a burning desire to help people, but at times can feel like our own personal energy gets burnt out along the way.

I don’t want this for you.  I’ve been there, I know the cost it has on personal health growth, and ultimately the impact you can deliver to your clients.  These are the things you don’t learn about in Training manuals, certifications and most conferences. 

Running a successful brick and mortar business over the past 7 years and being in the industry for the last 15 years, I know all to well the ups and downs of the fitness professional journey.    There is a different way, a way you can wake up living inspired and not tired.  A way to truly THRIVE and not just survive. 

I want to coach you and support you to do what you love most and take your business and life to the next level.  I want to help you become more focused, fulfilled and free!

I am so excited share what has helped me go from a parking lot gym with literally using junk as equipment to a the top named training center in the bay area.  It takes a strong Culture, Coaching system and team, and community to make your vision a reality.

From presenting at summits and large conferences, often times the personal connection and development can get lost with so many people.  That is why I started Rise Up Retreats. I wanted to dive deeper, to spend more time with an intimate group and give each person one on one attention along with creating a very strong team of growth minded individuals. 

This retreat is so intimate that I only take 10 people on this Retreat to ensure the maximum amount of attention, mentorship, guidance, education and support. 

There is nothing more empowering in our business and life than being an inspiring environment with motivated people who want to make massive change.   I will guarantee that you will have the tools, resources, and custom game plan to take play on another level.

So if you are truly ready to make massive change, then I encourage you RISE UP!  There is no greater investment you can make than investing in your own personal development and growth.  There is nothing like this that you will experience anywhere else. 

I am looking forward to you changing the game with you! Time to make a move and RISE UP!

We Rise Together!

Fill out your application at www.riseupretreatfitpros.com and let’s elevate together!

Brian Nunez

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