Athletic Performance

My coaching philosophy has always revolved around three main pillars when it comes to performance;


After working with thousands of athletes in my career from the Olympic, Professional, collegiate to the everyday athlete looking to lose weight and get in shape, the number one factor that determined success was state of mind. Mindset and attitude is at the root of any successful person. Before working with any athlete I take them through an in depth look at their values, vision and goals. From there we develop a customized “Game Plan” for success. When it comes to mindset, “Attention is our greatest asset”. We make Macro changes by a culmination of micro moments.


My philosophy for nutrition is simple: “Count quality not calories” Not all calories are created equal therefore we should focus on food as fuel. What is healthy to some may not be healthy to others. My focus for nutrition has always been to change one thing at a time, as opposed to trying to fix everything in 30 days. I am not a proponent of diets, because for most people they are a short-term gain and long-term pain. I want my athletes to build a strong foundation of nutrition and lifestyle habits. Energy awareness is the number one thing I focus on when working with an athlete on nutrition in order to find the fuel that helps increase their energy and performance.


Training people of all athletic backgrounds, the goal is always the same for me: “To increase the quality and efficiency of functional movement patterns” When we learn to move better and have complete control of our body, we can perform better. You don’t have to do more to get better; you have to move better to get better. Quality always trumps quantity.

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